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What is Channel Hide?

Channel Hide is, simply put, a blog about whatever we want to talk about. Started by the members of Hidesquadron as a forum for creativity, opinion, and humor, the Channel allows squadron members to write and discuss things of any interest with the readers. (Thats the goal, at the very least. We have lots of growing to do.)

Here is a little background on the blog and it’s people, and some F.A.Q.’s too.

The Name:

Channel Hide’s reason for inception is easy enough to understand, but what about the name? Why is it Channel Hide? What does Channel signify?

It’s 1998. Blizzard’s Starcraft has exploded onto the PC gaming space. Hidesquadron, which at the time was only a few people in size, found themselves playing Starcraft quite a bit in the after-school hours. Once the ranks began to grow, they needed a better way of communicating within the game.

Thankfully, Starcraft’s online arena, Battle.net, had a very easy to use chat room feature that allowed players to talk between games. One of the nicest features of the (now outdated) Battle.net was the ability to create private chat rooms on the fly. Hidesquadron always did this… they didn’t want to be bothered by the multitudes of people playing the game in public rooms, so a channel named “Hide” was created as their own private hangout.

For a time, dozens could be found in the channel discussing games and setting up matches. Eventually it became known simply as “The Channel” since it was all that was needed by the squadron.

When Jim started to think about the blog, the name came almost instantly. Nostalgia for the old hangout on Blizzard’s server became the genesis for the page you are viewing today.
So now, in this blog, Channel Hide lives on.



Q: When was Channel Hide created?

A: Well, if you don’t count the history lesson above, the blog was created on May 12th, 2004, originally on the blogger platform. Google had just acquired the service, and as a result it was undergoing heavy transition and upgrades. The channel itself was originally called “The Hidesquadron Blog” and aside from some test posts, nothing really happened. Like thousands of other blogs, it lied dormant for a long time.

In the fall of 2007, Jim returned to look at the blog he had sitting in cyber-purgatory and decided that he wanted to give blogging another go. He came up with the name a a few graphics, and began sticking pieces together. On June 2nd, 2008, he began writing.

Content on the blog was sparse at first, but accelerated as more found the site and others began writing alongside Jim.


Q: Who are you again?

A: We are Hidesquadron. We started out as a group of people playing games together, and now we hope to run this blog, our other sites on the Hidesquadron Network, and generally make cool stuff. We are evolving constantly.


Q: Can I join Hidesquadron?

A: Sure. Why not? Sign up on the right to participate around the blog, and keep an eye on hidesquadron.com for more info on our other activities.


Q: Can I write for the Channel?

A: Maybe. We certainty will not tell you “no” but you have to bring something to the table. If you are interested, or have an idea that we may find valuable, send an e-mail to inquiries [at] hidesquadron [dot] com and we would be happy to open a dialog with you.


Q: What do you pay?

A: Nothing. This blog is purely a labor of love. Our writers are not paid, and anyone hoping to contribute to this site should not expect to be paid either.


Q: How are you paying for this site?

A: Out of pocket. We make zero dollars on this site (as of this writing) and we have no desire to bombard your eyes with ads. If you are interested in donating to help cover the cost, e-mail inquiries [at] hidesquadron [dot] com and get in touch with one of us. If enough of you are interested, we may set up a pay-pal donation link or something.


Q: Why don’t you post that inquiry email like a normal link so I can click it?

A: Well, if we post our email link directly on the site, there’s always a chance an automated web-crawler can grab the link and send us non-stop spam messages (or worse!) so we do a little trickery to keep the robots off our back. We know its not convenient, but we hope you can understand the reasons behind our cautionary methods. Spam sucks.


Q: Can we play games with you guys?

A: Absolutely! Check out the author pages to find out someone’s Gamertag, and be sure to add yours to your own profile so others can play with you. We would be thrilled to get Hidesquadron’s gaming group back to its old 90’s gaming glory days.


Q: I have a question not addressed here.

A: That in itself is not a question, but a valid thought regardless. Any questions you have that weren’t addressed here can be e-mailed to inquiries [at] hidesquadron [dot] com and may make it to this page as time moves forward. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions at that same email as well.


Alright. Enough of this. We should be writing real articles anyway.

Enjoy the Channel!


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