Welcome to the Battlefield

I reload my SCAR-H and check my corners. Nobody in sight, but I can hear their footsteps on the other side of the wall. The M-COM unit is behind me, and the enemy has tried to arm it with explosives twice already. I can’t let that happen… we have two armored units coming up behind our current holdout. The LAV-25 is acting as a mobile command center, and some teammates jumped into the Growler ITV and were peppering the treeline with gunfire.

I leveled my gun, and fired four bursts through it. The indicator says I hit something, so I pull out my pistol, an M1911, and swing around the doorway and empty my clip.

Firefight from a Conquest mission

I took down the guy. He couldn’t see me because my pistol had a flashlight attachment on it and it blinded him as I pulled around the corner. With the area clear, I reloaded everything and ran outside. To my surprise, the area was clear. We pushed back the Russian team, who had already taken out our first area of operation.

“Jimmy?” my squad mate Andy called out, “You need health?”

No, my EKG read well enough. “I’m alright. Where are they coming from?”

“Treeline to the south.”

I needed to get higher. I was an engineer class at the moment, and I had the Stinger upgrade equipped as my secondary weapon. Engineers, like any of the other three classes I could choose from, had special upgrades for their secondary slot, and I chose the anti-air one for this mission. The Caspian Border had two large airfields… and the Russians were bound to have something in the sky. The higher I got, the better chance my stinger would lock onto one. Time to do my part.

I ran across the beautiful hillside in front of me. Light shone through the trees, the wind howled behind me. In the distance, I could clearly hear the echos of the other firefights in the valley, and through it all I could hear the distant growl of an aircraft engine.

The SCAR - This image taken from the Battlelog, an online stat tracker/social network that is actually quite awesome

“Its ours,” Johnny said, now spawning on me. Squadmates were great like that. “Someone in another squad took off just a second ago.”

John knew my mission was to keep our own skies clear however possible, while he used his support class to keep me supplied with plenty of ammo (as well as keep my ass covered). We climbed up the three story warehouse we were defending to get a better view of the trees. Andy was perched up on a rock formation, using his sniper scope to get a better view. He could mark targets for us, if he saw something, and it would appear on all our HUDs.

“Man, I wish I had a plane.”

“You always want a plane, Jim.” Andy laughed, “You aren’t fast enough.”

A vehicle entry, also taken from the Battlelog

This was true. Someone always got to one first. Shame. I’m the best pilot on the team.

“Whatever,” I responded, “As long as someone up there has our backs…”

Everyone got quiet when a smoke cloud rose from behind the treeline we were scouting. The enemy was coming closer. That was an anti-tank round.

“Woah, woah, woah!” Johnny yelled as an explosion suddenly rocked the building we were on. The floor gave way, and I watched as his character disappeared into the building below.

“Chopper!” Andy yelled, “It’s dropping off guys to the North!”

We were getting flanked. I got off my stomach and darted to the north side of the building. I can’t do much over distance with the SCAR, but I had to do something to avoid letting us get overpowered. Above, one of our allied planes was circling. I guessed he was marking targets for us on the ground, because each red dot that appeared on my HUD was beyond my sight.

Andy’s sniper rifle sliced through one of the approaching attackers. Thankfully, another allied squad jumped out of the trees and lit up the rest of the wave of enemies. Finally, the rest of our team returned to the base to help Andy, John and I defend it. Tanks rolled in. Fixed turrets came to life. Praise God! The Calvary!

On foot, or in a vehicle, traversing the Battlefield is chaotic and fun

It got loud quick. The fight became less organized as troops from both sides started spawning and running all over the place. I returned to the ground level to get in on the action. Shoot a guy here, turn to the right, sprint fifty feet, fire on a group of guys to my 4 o’clock. Bullets flew every which way, RPGs flew toward vehicles, suppression fire from choppers rained down on sniper nests. The pandemonium of the battle was invigorating. I re-spawned as an assault class, which had superior weaponry and the ability to heal team-mates. I took time to occasionally revive someone with my defibrillator, and hurled a smoke grenade toward a tank that was approaching my area of operation.

Andy got knifed. Someone approached him quietly and killed him. Knifing someone allows you to take their dog-tags, which was a permanent and readily available trophy that you can pull up later. Andy won’t be happy about that.

“Guys, that jet is heading right for us…” Johnny called out.

I looked toward the sound of the jet’s engines to see it flying low… too low. Sure, he was holding down the trigger and laying bullets all over the clearing most of my team was running in, but he was either a terrible pilot or willingly sacrificing his plane, because I watched it hit the dirt and slide for fifty yards. Fire and jet fuel poured out of the thing as it skidded across the area, slamming into the warehouse that the M-COM unit was in. Bodies flew every which-way, fire traveled around corners, damaging people and vehicles that weren’t in the immediate danger area at first. Both teams had casualties, Johnny included. He didn’t move out of the way fast enough.

The warehouse was toast. The south face, where the crash occurred, was collapsing, killing whoever was inside. Thankfully the entire building was not downed, but now the M-COM unit was basically out in the open. Our team started to re-spawn, but it was not much help. Too much of our area was open to fire from all sides. There was little cover left, and the other team was gaining ground on those still watching the perimeter.

I re-spawn from another small firefight (that I lost) and noticed that an A-10 was parked back at the closest airfield… it was unoccupied. I sprint over to the plane and hop in. You can hear switches being flipped and the calm breathing through the pilot’s mask as the engines kicked on. I hit the throttle and the plane speeds into the air. The calm sound of breathing became quicker as g-forces took their toll. I’m rough when it comes to takeoffs. The moment the wheels are off the ground I’m already in a tight turn. I don’t waste time.

“Airborne,” I called out to John and Andy. “Mark me some targets.”

Andy and John do their part. Tanks and choppers are marked for me almost instantly. I can see the whole battlefield below me, and now I had the firepower to take on the heavier vehicles for the guys below. I first targeted the choppers. They can act as mobile spawn points when well piloted. I locked onto one and used my heat-seekers to blast it out of the sky. Next is the heavy armor. One Russian tank on the high ground above the M-COM. The thing was pounding the outlying buildings that were giving some of our boys cover, simultaneously giving his own foot-mobiles cover to charge and plant explosives.

“Take that asshole down!” John yells into his microphone.

This was a plane crashing into a tank that was sitting next to a batch of fuel tanks. There are fuel tanks EVERYWHERE in this game... and for good reasons.

I strafe the ground with my chain gun and damage the tank, as well as taking out the engineer who was repairing it. I gain a little altitude as I swing around for another pass, toggling to my heat-seekers again. I lock onto the tank and fire, creating a crater the size of a baseball field on the ground below.

“That got ’em!” John said happily.

It was at that time an alarm started going off. Missile lock. I dropped flares and rolled into a tight turn, but it was too late. Somebody on the ground had a hard lock, and I was done for.

As my plane spiraled toward the ground, I contemplated ejecting. I could parachute back onto the Battlefield, or, like every great gamer, I could aim the plane as best I could toward the enemy spawn point and be a real asshole.

This time, I had no problem being the asshole. Besides, I’d re-spawn on Andy anyway. He was standing next to an F/A-18.


4 out of 5 because the campaign was so lame. Not bad, just lame.


~Jimmy “I still miss those crazy assholes of Bad Company” the G.

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“I unlocked the EOD robot last night and I named it ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom.’ He’s my best friend.”



Author’s note: This review is a stylized version of a scenario that actually occurred the other night while I played this game. We kicked ass for four hours and had plenty of fun killing anonymous opponents. For entertainment purposes, I also included the real names of my comrades. Screw the innocent. We play to win.