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Foo Fighters and Rise Against Concert



You’ve probably heard of the Foo Fighters. You may have heard of Rise Against. You almost probably haven’t heard about Mariachi el Bronx. That’s ok though, because I’m not going to talk about the mariachi band. I just wanted to swing by and fill you in on how great of a show I got to experience last Friday night, and if they are coming to your town, why you should pick up some tickets.



Review: League of Legends


Do you enjoy tower defense games? Do you enjoy real time strategy games? Do you enjoy FREE games? Have you heard of a rapidly-growing game called League of Legends? If not…you definitely need to try it. If you were to take the hero concept of Warcraft III, remove the need to build armies, and add a turret defense aspect to a game, you would have League of Legends. Sound interesting? Read on.



REVIEW: Gears of War 3


Gears of War 3: Now With More Tracer Rounds

I’m typically a Halo Guy. Since the advent of the previous generation of Consoles, Halo has been the top tier of all games. Everyone want’s to hit the level they have, and the non-Microsoft companies struggle to find that one game franchise that defines not only their console, but their company as a whole. Microsoft must have some kind of luck, because in 2006, they got a second franchise that can match the level of Halo that Sony and Nintendo simply haven’t been able to achieve. Now, 5 years later, Gears of War 3 might be the most polish, imersive, and emotional title I have ever played. Those Halo guys are lucky to have an ally like Gears of War. Sony and Nintendo… well… there’s always Greek Soldiers and Italian Plumbers… I guess…



Movie Review: Captain America: The First Avenger


The Star-Spangled Man... with a plan!

Game over. The Summer movie season is drawing to a close, and we have a winner. Captain America, with relative ease, takes this summer’s prize as the most delightful movie, and stands with the other two big comic adaptions of the summer, Thor and X-Men: First Class. This movie has something those two didn’t, though… heart.


Autobots, Roll Out!

Movie Review: Transformers: Dark of the Moon


Perhaps the Summer's Largest Blockbuster

I have some pretty complicated feelings about this movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it on opening night, but it left me with a somewhat lackluster taste in my mouth for reasons I’ll get to in a moment. I saw it a second time this past weekend, and enjoyed it just as much, and I felt better about the film in general as a result.

All that being said, this movie isn’t going to win awards for filmography or story, but it will forever be a film that championed the definition of a summer movie: “Fun”. Anyone who tells you different has no concept of what the summer blockbuster actually entails. Unlike some of the super hero movies, chick flicks, and drama-dies, released this summer, Transformers is one of the few that is actually fun to watch.



Movie Review: Green Lantern


Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, Green Lantern

It’s kind of funny how most of the big movies this summer are based upon comic book heroes, 90s toys, or a huge book franchise. Has Hollywood been running out of ideas? Quite possibly…it’s hard to find a good Hollywood original movie that doesn’t reboot something, take from another source, or give you a bland re-hash of a story. I think that this series of blockbusters has begun to turn “geek” culture more mainstream, and gain an appreciation for the stories we’ve loved while we were growing up. Best thing is, it’s easy to share them with our parents/girlfriends/boyfriends/wives/husbands who were never into that stuff because they work WELL on the silver screen.



X-Men: “First Class” (as in high quality)


This Movie defied all odds by being Fantastic

I did not like X-Men 2. I really didn’t like X-Men 3: The Last Stand. X-Men Origins: Wolverine might be the worst pile of slop ever thrown into a movie reel.

Let’s face it. Even with Sir Patrick Stewart Captain Jean-Luc Picard on board, all the sequels to the original X-Men movie (which I enjoyed) were crap. I had absolutely no faith in a prequel concept I heard about a year ago, and were it not for the pleading of a friend (she was really persuasive, saying I could go to see the previews, which I also enjoy) I probably would not have seen X-Men: First Class.

Boy, I’m glad she got me to go.


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